Ariel Coleman

Illustrator & Printmaker

A little more honest

Ariel ColemanComment

The world of social media is silly, it sometimes feels like one big competition to show who’s meeting what mile stones in life and who’s having the most fun doing it. Even though what it really is is a curated feed of high moments with the low moments sifted out. 

No where on social media do you post about being vulnerable or about your fears or about the things you most regret in life. There’s not a space for, “I really wish i’d fostered that one realtionship better, or I wish i’d said that one thing a little more gentle, or I miss that other self, or that thing I used to have”. There’s no space for public honestly about the low, uncomfortable, or scary things in life, but maybe there can be? 

Maybe we can all work to get a little more honest on social media, to post more about our true experiences and less about just the good ones.