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Adaptive Capacity

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From Wiki: "Adaptive capacity is the capacity of a system to adapt if the environment where the system exists is changing. It is applied to ecological systems and human social systems. As applied to ecological systems, the adaptive capacityis determined by: genetic diversity of species. biodiversity of particular ecosystems. As applied to human social systems, the adaptive capacity is determined by the ability of institutions and networksto learn, and store knowledge and experience. Creative flexibility in decision makingand problem solving The existence of power structures that are responsive and consider the needs of all stakeholders." 

My friend Emma brought this concept up to me recently and I liked the way it sounded right off the bat, "adaptive capacity" or the ability or adapt. I liked it, I embraced it. The wiki article points to institutions and systems, but I'm embracing it on an individual level. I have the capacity to adapt, to situations and systems and the world around me. I take this to mean a fluidity in the ability not only to cope and adapt when things don't go as planned but to embrace it when they don't, to empower myself to lean in to all the uncertainty and strangeness that this world has to offer and adapt as necessary.