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Practice Communication

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Communication comes in so many forms- a picture, a doodle, a post, a piece of writing, a video, the words out of your mouth. How do we get better at communication? How do we tell the story, better? What do we need to say, and how do we want to say it?  

Digital story telling. Is that a video? A website? A blog? It's everything. Everything that gets said about you online is a part of your story. The posts, the pictures, the content, the design. It all counts, it all matters, it's all important. 

Brands understand this. Brands work hard to have a single, unified image or identity. They seek to reel customers in by identifying themselves as one thing/person/arch-type and then reeling in those people (customers) that want to "be that". Once they've reeled them in, it's easy to say "hey buy this" and they do, or "hey donate to this" and they do. 

When you feel a sense of trust, a sense of connection, a sense of understanding, you feel good, and that enables you to take action, to buy or donate or contribute in some way. 

These feelings are rooted in communication. Rooted in the ways we communicate, what we communicate, how we communicate. If you want to motivate people you have to believe in them, if you want to see someone succeed you have to trust them, if you want to make someone feel connected you have to speak to them as you would someone you're connected to. To do any of this well, it has to be authentic, real, heartfelt.