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The We's outweigh the I's

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The last two weeks have been a whirlwind, in no particular order here's what I remember:

We made new mountain bike friends. We went to beers with them and it was great. We joined an indoor soccer team. We got pizza and beer with Matty for the last time. We played Rumicube. We played Speed in our pajamas on Peters old leather couch. We made plans to go to Tofino, we booked our VRBO in Whistler. We played Spades with my roommates. We went to beers with the whole Yakima squad. We made friends with Chaz and Tarah. I sold my hold up. We sold my Kona. We sold my roof rack. We moved in together.

We went grocery shopping together, and brought our groceries home to our fridge. I bought us concert tickets. We spent hours rearranging the apartment. Literally, hours. I bought a table. We said goodbye to Matty. We cried about it, twice. Nick drew me a bath. We road new trails. I got a new bike. We changed our internet password to a new phrase we just coined "Santa Cruz family". Nick sprained his ankle, I bought him frozen corn. Later I pulled my hamstring, I used that same frozen corn. We co-mingled our gear.

We went to REI, I got a rain jacket. We went to the container store, I made us buy a silverware organizer made out of bamboo. We found a dead mouse, it freaked us out. I drank my first Montucky. I didn't have a red t-shirt, Nick let me wear his. I wrote a cover letter for Nick.  I played guitar in the new apartment and the acoustics were amazing. We watched half of spider man and taught my parents how to play spades. We made chocolate chip pancakes for my sister. He did my laundry, I ate the rest of the ice cream, we watched New Girl, without Matty. We fell asleep, tangled up, under all the covers, with the window open, and the fan on... like we always do.