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Content Catalog - May 16th 2016

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Great podcasts, interesting articles, inspiring Ted talks... there a new ones every week! Here's what I found this week: 

One day could almost always be today... 

A great podcast written by Fitz Cahall himself, the original founder and producer of the Dirt Bag Diaries. Him and his wife Becca live in the city of Seattle, with their two little boys. I love hearing his perspective on incorporating his 'normal life' with his 'life of adventure'. He says "The true gap between them (adventure and home) is our perspective on their distance from one another... the hidden corners of the parks, of these wild places can only become fabrics of our lives if we choose to weave them in." I love that. 

Life is full, and life has space. There is no contradiction here.

A New York Times opinion piece about how much time we really have. I'm particularly inspired by this piece because I recently started logging my time. I created a spreadsheet with every half-an-hour booked out for what I want to be doing with that 30 minutes. Whether it's eating breakfast, checking emails, or working on a project at work I've scheduled out my days entirely. What I've found is that I really do have time for everything, as long as I stick to the schedule.