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New Year, New Blog

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It's a new year. There's a new year every year, and every year I struggle to define what it is that I'm going to focus on. Is art, is it adventure? Financial freedom, minimalism? Will I try for once and for all to learn to cook, work out everyday, or keep my room clean. What should my focus be, who do I want to be, this year?

I never do find the focus though, I'm never able to just pick one thing, because there are so many things that make me who I am, and if I pick just one I'm never satisfied. A good life is one that is well rounded, that includes all things big and small. It's eating well, sleeping well, being creative, working, moving forward, going on adventures, being social. You can't diminish life to just one specific thing, because life isn't just about specific things, it's about the mesh of them all together. 

A good friend of mine recently told me that it's best if you pick three hobbies, one that is creative, one that gets you outside and one that gets you exercising. This idea really resonated with me, and from it I was able to see three categories in life that I'm always striving to optimize: being creative, being an explorer, and being healthy. This year I've decided I want to cultivate one of these things every day, and find ways to double or even triple up on them. Below is a further definition of what they mean to me! 

Being creative: This means making things. Anything. From learning to cook a new recipe, to making a scarf for a friend, it's art and it's craft. It can be a painting, a movie, a poem, a song. Doesn't matter, as long as I'm creating and not consuming, as long as I'm challenging my brain in a way that feels like my creative energy is flowing. 

Being an explorer: This revolves around my love of the outdoors. My love of adventure, of going new places, trying new sports, experiencing the world. Anything from travel, to social events, to trying something new counts as exploration, or adventure. 

Being healthy: This applies of course to my body, exercising, eating well, sleeping well. It also applies to my general well being, financially, socially, emotionally. It refers to work, life, and finding the balance there. Finding balance for my body, for my brain, for my heart. I want to pull myself away from habits that are destructive and find a balance between all the things I love and need. 

The best part of this project will be documenting it all. From projects I finish at work, to personal pursuits, to everything that blends the lines between these two. I'll keep record on this blog.