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Serendipitous Saturday Skiing

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I often time dream of living alone. Of coming home to a perfectly clean kitchen the way I've left it, of a bedroom that isn't walled by a bathroom and another bedroom that other people use. Of Friday nights not encumbered with the pressure to go out and drink. 

Then there are the Saturdays, where I am serendipitously invited to go cross country skiing with my roommate and his girlfriend and all the stresses of living with others are washed away, by the opportunities that living with others present. 

In all areas of our lives there are ways to streamline them to make them easier. To cut out the hardship and difficulty in exchange for comfort and convince. Sometimes simplifying makes things better, more organized, and richer because of the simplicity. Other times though, simplifying takes away the hardships, but also the rewards with it. It's important to know which is which, and in which areas of your life either/or applies. 

For me, this is certainly the case with my roommates. Even though I feel like my life in Portland is established enough, I am always yearning for adventurous friends, people to inspire me to go out and embrace the wild side of the world, people who have that itch, who are willing to buy a 300 dollar sleeping bag, who take 6 months off of work to backpack through Peru. These people inspire me to go and be, and be happy where I am, like in the middle of the woods, with skis strapped to my feet, and nothing but serene silence around me. 

I made really great friends this weekend, simply by being on the right couch at the right time. These people all brought together from a girl who moved here from North Carolina, including couple from New Hampshire, and a girl from Seattle. This is how friendships are made, serendipitously on Saturdays in the snow.