Ariel Coleman

Illustrator | Printmaker | Human

Hi, I'm Ariel. 

I've been a doodler for as long as I can remember. 

Back of envelopes, napkins in bars, receipts I find in my wallet, whatever, I'll draw on it. I love to take photos, knit hats, throw pottery, redecorate my apartment. I'm a maker and the medium has often been a secondary concern. Growing up I wanted to be a director, I got a video camera for Christmas one year and spent the entire summer after directing all my friends around while I filmed them, that was some high quality art.

I graduated from the University in Oregon with a bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Art, but what I spent most of my time learning about was bikes, the outdoors, and craft beer. 

These days you can find me riding my bike around the city, working on a creative team at a local bank, and in my free time learning to block print. In November of 2016 I stumbled upon this new medium and have been hooked ever sense.