Ariel Coleman

Illustrator | Printmaker | Human

Hi, I'm Ariel. 

I've been a doodler and maker for as long as I can remember. 

Back of envelopes, napkins in bars, receipts I find in my wallet, whatever, I'll doodle on it. I love to take photos, knit hats, throw pottery, redecorate my apartment. I'm a maker and the medium has often been a secondary concern. Growing up I wanted to be a director, I got a video camera for Christmas one year and spent the entire summer after directing all my friends around while I filmed them. 

I graduated from the University in Oregon with a bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Art, but what I spent most of my time learning about was bikes, the outdoors, and craft beer. A lot of the inspiration for my artwork comes from the environment around me, and the natural world seems to be full of interesting shapes and colors worthy of capturing. 

These days you can find me riding my bike around the city, working on a creative team at a local bank, and exploring what it means to be a 'printmaker'.