Ariel Coleman

Artist | Illustrator | Print Maker

Hey, I'm Ariel, an illustrator and print maker, living and working in Portland Oregon. I have been a doodler my whole life, and am a self proclaimed maker- of things. I've always had a passion for sewing, painting, drawing, and general self expression. 

I'm currently working on printing 100 block prints, planning on finishing them by the end of 2017. Mostly for fun to explore a new medium and challenge myself to finish such a large project  over a longer period of time. 

I majored in Psychology and minored in Art, I graduated from The University of Oregon in 2013. I also dabbled in craft beer and bikes. I love all things nature, the outdoors, adventure, and recreation. I am passion about getting more people on bikes, exploring natural places, and creating relationships with other artists, adventures, and daydreamers who are passion about anything from sustainable food systems to active transportation and all kinds of creative endeavors. 


Wanna know more!? Feel free to email me for commissions, questions, or just the general hello. I always love a good hello!! And thanks for stoping by my website.